Friday, November 30, 2007

Deep Breaths

Wow! That countdown clock is decreasing fast. First I was I am beginning to worry. I realize I am not supposed to do that, and somewhere deep down I know it is all going to work out fine. If you are a member of the yahoo group, you will see my worry manifest itself in the form of a request for travel advice. Please respond! Mostly right now I am worried about little details on the trip. What will I eat in a country where horse meat is considered a wedding feast!? What will I feed her? (I have never bottlefed before- my kids pretty much refused bottles) Have you ever looked at the formula shelf at the store- there are like 500 kinds! With Iron, Lipil, soy, for sensitive stomachs...WHAT?... And what is she on now? M pretty much wanted to chow down on some solids by, what, 3 months or so- he had 4 teeth at 4 months! But when do they introduce solids there?....Am I going to freeze? Look to the left- it is cold there. OK, maybe not cold if you are from Colorado, but c'mon- it has hardly dropped below 70 here! Oh, and I am really excited about the possibility of an overnight in London on the way back...but that introduces a new carseat worry- I will need a carseat in London. First I was thinking I would just buy her carseat there- but if Amazon UK is right...did you know a Graco costs around $200 there? And Gracos are the only ones I saw with a base.... Will she sleep? I really believe that your body releases some hormone cocktail after you give birth that helps you through those sleepless extra hormones here...I am going to be a zombie! A had a few waking nights adjusting to her new loft bed, and I was horrible the next day...mean mean mommy. So I think this is just like the pre-wedding jitters or something. I really need to stop obsessing. Despite it all, i really am so so so excited! Every time I look at her sweet face, my heart just melts. Hard to believe you can love someone that much when you have never even met them!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Check one off the to-do list...

Ahhh, Kyrgyzstan….land of soaring peaks, tranquil mountain lakes, rural villages, friendly people….and according to the CDC, a high risk for Hep A, Hep B, Typhoid, and Malaria. Shaun and I got to go to the doc today and get stuck 3 times with needles, plus get a prescription for malaria that lasts 8 weeks! Seriously, ouch! But still….nothing compared to labor! And really, the doc said we shouldn’t be too concerned, that the risk isn’t really that bad. We are just being cautious. Wouldn’t want to spend those first precious days with Baby Z feeling sick!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

So much to be thankful for….

We had a wonderful week in NC. My sister lives in the mountains, and it was perfect autumn weather. It was so nice to spend some time with her and her husband and my nephew. He is such a precious little guy! My kids enjoyed playing in the leaves, and visiting the Cherokee museum, and a mountain farm museum. They even got to see their first ever real Christmas tree farm- the kind you never see in Florida, where you actually cut your own! I think they liked playing with their cousin and his dog and cat the best, though. My parents traveled up with us, so they had some real quality time with Grandma and Grandpa as well. We are hoping M enjoys himself as much with them while we are overseas as he did while I was there. He is 3, and so grown up and independent in so many ways, but still such a momma’s boy. They will be splitting their time while we are away between my parents and Shaun’s parent’s. You couldn’t ask for better babysitters all around- it’s just M will completely push them away sometimes. He only wants mommy. I really hope he does OK. I am so afraid we are going to just scar him forever!

Despite my worries for my little man, I can hardly contain my excitement! We are leaving Dec 17th. We arrive in Bishkek Dec 19th…on our 9 year wedding anniversary. And we go to Tokmok for our girl on Dec 20th! I found a bib the other day for her for Christmas…it says “I’m the perfect present.” So right on. I couldn’t ask for more. What an awesome gift!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas in Kyrgyzstan!

So it is looking like we will be spending Christmas in Kyrgyzstan this year! Actually, we might be in Kazakhstan by Christmas, but either way, we will be with our baby! When our case worker asked if we would be willing to travel over Christmas, we quickly said "Yes! As soon as you can send us!" So we are totally excited. We are regretful that we will not be with A and M on Christmas, but we know we will have an amazing celebration when we arrive home, and they are being really really cool about it (in theory, we will see when it actually comes down to it). So, you think this Florida girl might have her first ever white Christmas?

This Sat is the big room makeover day. We decided to keep M in his room, and put the girls together. Baby Z will be in our room initially anyway, so hopefully it will work out smoothly.

We have a very busy month ahead of us. We leave on Mon for Thanksgiving in NC. My sister lives there, so we will get to spend some time with her and her husband, and my adorable nephew, and I am sure she will load me up with baby gear they no longer need. You know, when I sent it all to her house, I really never expected to be needing any of it back someday! Funny how things work out. Then when we get back, we have to make room for baby!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Small victories!

So, we really are one step closer. I am so relieved court went well. I didn’t really expect any trouble, but it is nerve wracking to know that a judge halfway around the world is looking through a two inch stack of papers and trying to decide if we will provide a suitable home for that precious child. I am so thankful for the incredible job our agency has done in handling this process for us so far. I will be forever grateful to our case worker, our social worker, the translator, and the in country facilitator, and all the others who have played a part in bringing our family together. I am really looking forward to meeting the in country facilitator! I have heard only wonderful things about her, and meeting her means we are just moments away from meeting our child.

I continue to be amazed at the differences between this child joining our family and the way our other children came into it. This process has really taught us what it means to trust in God. With my other kids, I had much more control- what went into their little bodies as they developed, the prenatal care they received, the way they entered this world. They never even left the room after birth! I wouldn’t let them be taken to the nursery. From those moments on, I have watched every influence, and considered what it might mean for their long term development. Overprotective- yes. Now with this child, I have had to let go of all that control, and trust that God is watching over her for me. I have no idea if her birth mother ever saw a doctor; I have no idea what kinds of choices she made during her pregnancy. What I will always be thankful for is that she did make the choice to give her life. It must have taken such courage to make that decision amidst almost certain pressures to make quite a different one. She must have been so scared, and I wonder how she feels now, not knowing what will become of her daughter. I wish there were a way I could let her know that her daughter will be loved and cherished and completely taken care of. I have been told over and over not to get too attached until the decision is final…that is such a joke. How on earth can you do that? I have dreamed of this child and prayed for her for so long…I loved her before I ever even saw her. And so, the moment I finally saw her face it became etched in my heart forever. And we all fall a little deeper every day. Soon, we will finally hold her in our arms!

Monday, November 12, 2007

One Step Closer

Court went just fine today...there were no problems. So we are in the 30 day waiting period, and then it will be final! Sorry to be so short, I am just sooooo tired!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Court Date!

I have very exciting news! We have a court date in Kyrgyzstan on Mon, Nov 12th! (no, we do not have to be there, we gave the agency a POA) So if all goes well with that and the 30 day waiting period, we should be with our girl for Christmas. The whole family wont be able to be together until the New Year, but, hey, what a way to start 2008! If you happen to think of us on Mon (more like Sun night with the time difference), please pray that all goes well in court. Thank you!

Monday, November 5, 2007


So, we are expecting travel dates to come our way very very soon. Any of you have advice about the travel? (airlines, travel agents, visas)...I have been checking the yahoo group as well, and that has helped a lot.

I also need your advice on another issue. I really need to begin to get the room ready, but we don't know where we are going to put her! We had always planned on the girls sharing a room, but with A turning 6 soon, and our referral being an infant, we are not sure how that will work out with naps and midnight wakings on school nights. We have thought about A and M bunking together, as they are closer in age. What do you think of a boy and a girl sharing a room? I am still very undecided. And perhaps a far less serious question- how do you decorate a room for a 3 yr old boy and a 6 yr old girl? I am not one to put in a bunk bed, add any old sheets from the linen closet, and stick to white walls. I like style and color, and usually a wall mural. If the girls share, we will leave the room basically the same- purple an green garden theme, and just change the furniture. If we give the baby M's room, I am looking at 2 rooms to redecorate ( fun fun, and my husband says- yikes!) Here, maybe pics will help...Let's call this the "before" :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I just love Halloween! I turn into a big kid again. You get to dress up, carve pumpkins, and stuff yourself with your favorite candy! We dressed the entire family this year. Actually, Grandma did- she made the costumes- I am no seamstress. She also smiled patiently while I "helped" by cutting out the patterns, taking about 4 times as long as she would have. So here is the crew from Peter Pan. M was so excited he got to sword fight Daddy! Poor A wasnt feeling well, but she still made an adorable Tinkerbell.
We also had great news on the 31st. Our dossier is translated and on it's way to Kyrgyzstan. So we should be hearing about travel dates soon!