Monday, February 25, 2008

Found it!

Finally found the camera! So here are some pics of some of our recent adventures for you. The first group is from a trip to the Aquarium with my sweet nephew. We all had a great time!

We LOVE this girl!

Z at the aquarium...those fish are pretty cool!

A & M making...fishy faces?

I told you he was a crab!

That water is COLD...and are you sure this thing wont sting me?

Rodeo Day

I suppose I should explain Rodeo Day. While the rest of the country takes a holiday on Monday for Presidents Day, in our little cow town, we get the Friday before for Rodeo Day. Hard to believe there is a cow town just minutes away from Disney World, but our county is really big on ranching actually. So every year, we head off to the county fair, ride rickety fair rides, check out pungent piggies, marvel at the size of a steer up close, stuff ourselves with funnel cake and cotton candy, and laugh at the "city folks" who try out the mechanical bull. Good times.

Parenting issues

So I have misplaced my camera. I wont say lost, because I am sure it will turn up. Most days, I have misplaced my kitchen counter as well, so that may have something to do with it. So...I will have to catch up on pictures later, sorry.

Shaun and I are respectfully disagreeing on parenting issues for the first time ever! (most of the time it's respectful:) He says I am treating Z different than I treated the other two. Z is seven months now, and he thinks if she puts up a fight when I lie her down I should let her cry it out. Most of the time it's a non issue, because she goes down pretty easy. But there are those occasions when she is well fed, freshly changed, and just plain tired and she still screams her little head off. Maybe I have gotten soft, but I really don't recall ever letting one of my babies cry like that. I feel like it is going really well with her, we are growing closer every day...but I still feel like I missed so much of her little life, and I don't want to miss an opportunity to show her that I am here for her and I always will be. She is still learning to trust me...we are not where I was with A and M at this point in their lives. And I don't believe a baby has it in them to "manipulate" their parents...they just express a need, whether it be physical or emotional, in the only way they know how. And I want to answer that need. Really...don't tell a mommy not to comfort her baby! She has also decided that hanging out on mommy's lap is much more fun than playing on the floor. I will admit that sometimes it is frustrating, but before long, she will be crawling, then walking...and expressing her independence. And I will miss the days she wanted me to hold her! And even still, she gets plenty of tummy time, and while she isn't the same baby who could simply stare at her hands for 30 minutes like she was 2 months ago...she still entertains herself fairly well. So, sorry honey...I am going to go pick her up....I just am.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Post-adoption stuff

So, I just realized that I am still doing more blog reading than I am blog writing (check out 2 new favs added to blogs I read- Pacific Adventures and Home in Hawai'i- the are by my dear friend K, who I am only just a little bit jealous of..OK, sometimes a lot! But if you are cold and tired of snow- her pics will warm you right up...beautiful!). I guess I sometimes feel like there is nothing that interesting to say. Our days are busy, but rather ordinary. Right now A and M have a couple of friends over to play, and Z is sitting on my lap talking....typical afternoon. Things are going pretty well. Shaun is out of town for a couple days...he is working on the new Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach. Kinda cool stuff. So it is just me and my munchkins right now.

Tried to get an appointment today for Z to do a reflex swallow test at the Children's hospital. We cant get in until April!! It's nothing serious...she has a few feeding issues- nothing that is affecting her weight wain mind you- the little chub is over 18 lbs! But she is spitting up A LOT, and she makes a clicking noise when you feed her as she loses suction on the bottle, and once in a while milk comes out of her nose while she is eating. My educated guess- (educated by my sister mostly) she has something going on with her palate. But we will see in April I guess. We are also supposed to take her to an OT. I am so glad we have a great pediatrician who takes my concerns seriously (and an OT for a sister, who keeps us on top of things!)

Our social worker came out the other day for our first post-placement...I cannot believe it is already post-placement time. I also cannot believe how many we have to do- 6 in all with a social worker, over the next 3 years, and then once a year there will be some kind of form to fill out by us until she is 14! We are also working on other post-adoption stuff...she has a green card now, she is registered with the Kyrgyz consulate, and I have printed to social security application, although I admit I havent even looked at it. And I have a number for an attorney for the re-adoption (so she can become a US citizen), but that seems to fall way down on the to-do list right now!

Well, Z is telling me she is tired of the computer. Maybe I will try to post some pics after they are all in bed tonight.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Side-by-side part 1

So, I am sure it wont take long for this to get old to some of you...but it's my I hate it for ya! :) I still cannot get over this. On the left- Z...on the right...A. Thanks to my sister, we have a lot of A's old clothes circling back I will be able to do this a lot!

Our case manager asked us to send some pics of all 3 kids I did. Her response was about how much Z looked like the other 2...I then send her the bathtub pics. My note said something about not caring if we got a child that was purple with pink polka dots, but that when we saw the strong resemblance, we were reminded me that God had a plan for this child, even before she was born. (I am not saying here that our kids need to look like us at all, it really would not have mattered...I just find it amazing that she does) So, my case manager is now on the lookout for a polka-dotted kid for me! :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Must read

Have you read Cindy's blog today? You have to see it- look to your right...see the link for the LaJoy family? Click it, and read the post for Feb 5th. While you are at it, if it is your first time on her blog, keep reading- trust me, you will get hooked. If you are an adoptive parent, you will be relate to her very well...if you are a friend and want to understand adoptive parents, we could ask for no better spokesperson!