Monday, March 31, 2008


So, I realize this doesn't exactly fit with the intent of this blog...but I know some of you are pretty creative, so if you don't mind, I would like to ask for your help. This Saturday I am hosting a leader appreciation dinner for the people who serve in our Awana ministry. These are amazing people who do so much for this ministry, and I really want them to feel our appreciation. I am looking for a favor idea...some kind of little gifty thing that will be equally enjoyed by our male and female leaders...maybe one of those little kits with creatively significant items and a little verse to go along with them...Do any of you have ANY ideas? Maybe you have received something like that before? Any help would be great...I am drawing a great big blank.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter pictures

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kyrgyz leprechaun

I have a thing for holiday dressing. And I have a little Irish in me. So we were all decked out in green today...even the little Kyrgyz leprechaun. I wonder if they have ever heard of St Patrick in Kyrgyzstan? They didn't seem to know too much about St. Nick, and he is ever so much more popular. Somehow, I don't think they would understand the wearing 'o the green, or the mischievous little gold thieving men who apparently leave a trail of green and gold glitter behind (at least they did in Ashtyn's classroom...she told me "It was such a mess...but so beautiful!) Honestly, I really have no idea what real significance St Patrick's Day has...can anyone enlighten me? I just like the super cute hairbows-see:

My Little leprechaun

She loves her little hoop!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Picture update

So I have been trying to get pictures of Mackenzie with family lately...I am trying to finish up our post placement, and I realized that I have been really bad about getting pictures of her with everyone! So we meet up with Grandma for a picnic the other day...

Mackenzie with her Grandma at the park.

Me and Mason

I just love Kenzie's profile...all cheeks!

Ashtyn looking lovely.

And yes....those are names! I had to laugh recently at my friend Rachel's blog (Bringing Home Baby Girl)...she finally got frustrated with the initials all the time. I have to say I agree with her- it's just downright confusing. Mostly, its a security thing...but who really reads this blog anyway? Most of you know us personally! So..I give you Ashtyn, Mason, ad Mackenzie (aka Kenzie, Azima, Mac...) Just don't approach us in the street and call my kids by name...I might just run the other way!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How I have changed....

A few years ago I would not have been caught dead in a mini van. Shaun always teased me about one, and I always said I would never drive a mom-mobile- if anything, I would drive an SUV. Well fast forward a few short years, and here I am...I love my Dodge Grand Caravan! Three rows, power sliding doors, stow and go....all the perks a growing family could want! So imagine how sad I am today. My car is in for repair...nothing major- new motor for my power window, just wanted to fix it while it was under warranty. But they had to order the part, so I had to come home in a rental car. Nissan Pathfinder. I have only driven it for maybe 45 minutes altogether, but I am not loving it. Sure, it looks pretty good from the outside. But Z's rear facing seat will not even fit in the third row...I had to put it in the second behind the passenger seat, which I had to push all the way forward so it could fit. Should be fun tomorrow when I drop A off at school and she has to climb over the baby! And yes, you can flip down sections of the second row for easier access to the back...but nothing is easier than the nice wide isle in between the captain's chairs in my caravan...I even stowed one seat for even easier access to both girls in the back. But I sound like I am whining. Actually I am thankful- for the van in the first place, for the warranty to fix it, for the convenient rental car, and especially for my Mom, who rode up to the dealership with me today, and hung out with me, Z, and a rather grumpy little M while we waited to hear what the problem was...and to my other mom, who picked A up from school when I couldn't make it back in time! Thanks Moms!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Beach Trip

So, in our household, I am the beach lover...I love the salt air, the warm sand, the sound of the waves, the expanse of sparkling blue water that seems to never end...(hello- Marine Biology degree here! Love it!) My husband however, is not a fan. He says it stinks, he hates the sand down his bathing suit, and he hates the way his skin feels after a day of swimming in salt water. Go figure- opposites attract. SO anyway, the point of all this is so that you could understand how strange it was today that Shaun was the one who took Z on her first trip to the beach. No me, I had to stay here and be at Awana. But it was his brother's birthday, and the rest of the family was going, so he really wanted to take the kids. He came back with some tired kiddos and some pretty cute pics. Regarding the first two...what can I say, my girl has attitude! I think her expressions are pretty funny! And can you believe that belly!? I think we better get a one piece, baby girl! :)

Here she is...looks like she's building her first sandcastle.

Not sure what daddy did to get this response, but she is cracking up in this shot...

And I had to slide this one in from the other day...her first pigtails!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

So, yes, today is my birthday. Best present? I got to sleep in! Till 10:30! was awesome! We went to Sea World in the afternoon...yes, I know we go there a lot, but we have passes, and we always have a good time. Z likes the fish. So here I am on my birthday, with my baby girl:

And here is A...she got splashed by a stingray...her reaction was so funny!

Here is M...on the move, looking for trouble.

And precious Z...not highly impressed by the dolphins.