Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Speed of Life

If you recall, at the begining of this summer, I was looking forward to "a summer full of lazy, relaxing days"....well, there have been very very few of those, but we have been having a great summer! I really cannot believe how fast the time flies. Two weeks of VBS, two weeks of vacation....since arriving home we celebrated Mackenzie's first birthday, spent the weekend at Ft. Lauderdale beach, came back for doc and dentist visits, a picture appointment, and yesterday we had Mackenzie's party. Whew! I am worn out. Too bad all the kids are still going strong!

For her actual birthday (the 17th), we went to Disney village to play in the fountain and then out to dinner with the family. Z finally wiggled out of my arms and got the chance to get into those fountains just like her brother and sister:

At dinner, Kenzie had ice cream for dessert and got a Cabbage Patch Kid that looks just like her!

The beach weekend was an impromptu tag-along...daddy had to go back to S. Florida for work (I think his employer should just get a little apartment down there, seriously)...when he said they would book him in a beach front hotel, of course the kids and I agreed to tag along! We had a fantastic weekend- playing in the sand, swimming by the pool. Kenzie is SUCH a beach baby- she absolutely adores it. She loves to wiggle those little toes and dig those chubby fingers into the sand. She even thinks it tastes pretty good, much to my dismay! She is so bold crawling into those waves- no hesitation or concern whatsoever, even when they come crashing into her face, she just looks up at me and smiles. I am so excited, because the beach is about my fav place in the world, Mason enjoys it on occasion, and Ashtyn barely tolerates the salt water these days (they did have pretty good time on this trip- I think I am wearing them down) The icing on the cake for our beach weekend was that we got to meet Jackie and Nola in person! Well, technically, Kenzie has meet them before, back when she was still just Azima: Here they are now- arent they cute? I think we overwhelmed poor sweet little Noli (my kids are not shy in the least, and Kenzie is a bit of a bulldozer!) Nola really is a delicate flower- she is even more beautiful in person, and so sweet and tender. Jackie, it was so great to meet you and have the chance to get to know you better (still sending positive thoughts- you need to post so everyone in blog land knows you are doing OK)! I hope we can do it again sometime!

Kenzie's birthday party was tons of fun- only slightly overwhelming to her. She finally had to take a little break:

Here she is with her friend Scarlett. (Hey- you try to get 2 newly mobile babies 1 and under to look at you!)
Rach kindly made the long drive over. She commented "I dont think we could live any further apart and still both be considered the Orlando area" I will come to you next time Rach, promise! :) Scarlett's big day is coming soon!

At her party, Z collected a nice little donation to send to John Wright (a missionary in Kyrgyzstan)...I know he is on his way home, but I know his work isnt done! He'll be back, and in honor of her birthday, Kenzie wanted to send lots of thoughts and prayers along with her birthday gift through John to her friends back in Kyrgyzstan...they will always hold a piece of our hearts.

So, things have been moving at the speed of sign of slowing down. Oh well, they are only young once, right? Jump in!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CWA Picnic

So we are back from our 2 week road trip. Three kids, three adults (my parents and I- Shaun had to work, so this trip would never have been possible without their help), and all of our gear crammed into a minivan! We covered a lot of ground. Florida to Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina and back to Florida. The kids meet more cousins than they ever could have imagined they had! More on the rest of the trip later- my pics from the first part of the trip and the 4th are on my dad's computer so that I could make room for these:

This is the Kyrgyzstan crew at the CWA picnic in NC. It was so great to finally meet the people who brought our family together. We will be forever grateful to A, G, and M for everything they did to bring Mackenzie Azima home. It was also incredible to meet the other bloggy was almost like reconnecting with old friends! Here are a few shots from the day:

Ashtyn, AP, and Mason

My girls

Mackenzie and Phoebe were roomies at Tokmok.

Phoebe, AP, and C

Lori (JJ's mom) and Kenzie-
JJ was so busy, I never caught him on camera- I think he was having a good time!

We had a great time meeting all of you- I wish we had more time to chat! Always busy with all of those adorable kiddos running around, isnt it?