Friday, October 24, 2008

First trip to Disney World

Mackenzie had her first trip to Disney World yesterday. We went with my good friend from Home in Hawai'i, compliments of a maingate held by a good friend from church (thank you again S and T- it was great!!) The day began at 8:30 am, and we went for a good solid 12 hours. That is the stuff of crazy tourists from the north (love you all!)- not my usual approach as a local. But, despite Kenzie only taking a 20 minute nap all day, they were all having such a good time, and the weather was so perfect for it, we just kept going. Boy, am I tired today! How are you Kerry?

We started off at Animal Kingdom...insider's tip- go early in the AM, when the animals are most active. We went on the safari, and everything was out and about.

I could have almost touched these rhinos!

Ashtyn and Kerry- check out that tiger!

At the dino dig- Kenzie loves to dig.

Helping out her bro.

From Animal Kingdom, we headed on over to the Magic Kingdom. They were all decked out for their Halloween party- it was really cute.

Magic Kingdom

How's that for a pumpkin?

6, going on 16. What a ham.

Philharmagic the shades.

Rockin those shades!

What happens when they get out of line at the Magic Kingdom.

We kept 'em straight!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mad Skills

Just after shooting this clip, Mace said 'Maybe I dont need skateboarding lessons now" :) I have to admit, he is doing pretty good...the boy has mad skills!:)
(Can anyone tell me how to rotate this video?)


Kenzie is Mason's #1 fan...she was cheering him on the whole time.

Sorry to leave Ash out again- she keeps being at school when the camera comes out. We will catch her later this week. It is a long weekend, so hopefully we will have some good times.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This and That

How is that for a smile!? I'm telling you...she smiles with her entire body!

These are Ashtyn and Mason's funkins. You know- those fake pumpkins. Now, I am usually a pumpkin carving kind of girl. But I thought we would give these a try...especially after I found the cute monster attachments (think Mr. Potato Head) for 50% off. The kids had fun, but it wasnt quite the same a digging out the seeds, so I think we will still have to try to find a pumpkin patch. Maybe that will help it feel like fall. 79 is as low as we have gotten so far- it felt great, but I am still trying not to get jealous of all of the leaves and mums and pumpkins by blogger friends have been posting lately.

This is Mason with his swim class...he is to the teacher's left. And is now dunking his entire head underwater...willingly. Ahhh...the things our children will do to please...someone else!

Kenzie was a regular social butterfly at this birthday party the other day- she went to the birthday girl's uncle, her dad and her mom...and she hardly ever sees them at all. She is getting to be so friendly- I think she is getting more and more confident in the fact that mommy and daddy are a constant, so it is getting to be OK to visit a little. I am so glad!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Swim lessons, bus rides, and a walking coach...

It is getting shamefully long between posts for me. I still check in with all of the blogs I follow every day- I just dont usually feel inspired to write anything myself.

Mason is in swim lessons finally. (Yes, it is still plenty warm enough here for swimming- perhaps you are jealous of that...not me...I want fall- pumpkin patches and corn mazes and changing leaves!) The lessons were a birthday gift from grandma (yea- thank you again!). So far, he has only done one, as the second got rained out yesterday. His teacher is a young kid- 16 maybe- surfer type. Mason is impressed ("His hair is like GOLD" he told me). Which is good, b/c hopefully Mason's desire to be cool for the teacher will outweigh his fear of going under. As long as his head is above water, he loves the pool. He'll practice the kicking, his arm strokes, blowing bubbles...anything we ask of him. Just dont ask him to go under. Hopefully that will improve in the next few weeks. He has announced that he wants skateboarding lessons next, and he keeps asking me if I have signed him up yet. Now, where on earth would we find anyone else crazy enough to let their 4 year old ride a skateboard, much less give them lessons to go on ramps and things like Mason is envisioning? Maybe if he can mange to stop thumb sucking we can arrange something!

I finally commited to letting Ashtyn ride the bus home in the afternoons. Big step for me- I have a hard time dealing with my fear of exposing her to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Within the first week of riding there was an incident where someone had stolen a whistle, the bus had to turn around and go back to school, administration had to come on the bus and "yell" at them...all the middle schoolers had to get off and empty their bags. Poor baby, she told me "They were all yelling and saying bad words, and I just wanted to cry!" I wanted to cry too when she told me. But, wise child that she is, she assured me "Dont worry Mommy, I know I should never say those bad words." Sweetie, I am sorry you even had to hear them. I am sticking to the bus plan though- it is so much better for the little ones- that is an hour they spent in their carseats every day. Now instead, Kenzie can finish out her nap, and Mason can ride his bike to the bus stop to pick up his sister. Kenzie likes the walk, too.

Kenzie is still not walking yet (trying not to get paranoid, here). She is making progress though. Ashtyn has become her personal walking coach, and spends almost all her free time escorting her around the house with Kenzie gripping her fingers. Kenzie can walk now with just one hand for support, and has attempted (unsuccessfully- with an amusing level of self confidence) to stand up in the middle of a room. She is so funny- she does it out of the blue, with no warning at all, and she acts like she just knows she will get it this time. So it is this sudden jerk upwards, followed by a disappointing topple down. Poor baby, it is so hard not to laugh!

So, nothing real exciting going on here. They do keep me entertained!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Post placement

I recently put together pictures for our second post placement report ( love it!) We have to send reports twice a year for the first 3 years, complete with a social worker's report and pictures. After that, we get to do the same on our own....for forever I think! Honestly, I cannot remember how many years. I dont mind really- it helps keep adoptions from Kyrgyzstan going by reassuring the officials that these kids are in loving homes and doing well. I do feel bad that I cannot seem to get it together enough to do these reports on time- I keep forgetting about the state certification step and how looooong it takes! Anyway- in no particular order...(minus the cool Tokmok friends page b/c it had names on it I am not a liberty to share here)...