Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Here are the tiny BFFs again- Scarlett and Mackenzie. Rachel and I got together for a play date again the other day, along with another PAP in our area. There were also 4 preschool aged boys between all us- if you have boys, you'll understand why it was impossible to get a group picture of them to post here. They were too busy racing monster trucks, spinning, climbing, and basically running everywhere! Good times. I am so glad that there is the promise of more Kyrgyz kiddos in our area, too! I have pictures from another even bigger Tokmok reunion to share, but you will have to wait...I am still recovering!

Monday, November 17, 2008

First Steps

She has done it! Mackenzie is walking! Actually, she has been taking a few steps here and there for awhile now. She is growing more confidant every day. She is now up to 6-8 in a row, and will stand up in the middle of a room. We are so excited for her. She always has a huge grin when she is practicing- she knows it is something special. While her little Frankenstein steps are adorable, she is so much faster at crawling, she tends to favor it still. It wont be long, though, before she is officially a toddler! Come to think of it, is today the 17th? She is 16 months old today! Let's see if I can get this video to upload...third time's a charm, right?


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family Time

So, my husband has taken the leap and changed jobs. He is back into the realms of self employment, partnered with a very talented well connected former co-worker from his previous job. So far so good (I admit, I am nervous, I am trying to be supportive here). The point of sharing this here is that there are definite benefits to being self employed, especially in a manner that involves working from home- we are seeing so much more of him! In the last few days alone, we have gone to a medieval fair, went out for pizza and pottery painting, and tonight we discovered a skateboard park in a neighboring town. It has been so nice to spend so much quality family time together. On the downside, we have had several instances of random illness in the process- gotta love taking your girl on a run for the bushes while at the fair! Let's just say poor Ashtyn didnt enjoy the jousting as much as we thought she would. But Mason and Kenzie had a blast. Sorry I dont really have pictures to share right now- I have been bad about forgetting my camera recently!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mackenzie's First Halloween

Here are a few pictures from Mackenzie's first Halloween. I think we made sure she got to experience it all. With the way she has learned to recognize a trick-or-treat bag and throw a little fit until she gets a piece of candy, I think she enjoyed it!

Last weekend we went downtown to get treats at all the little shops. She wore Ashtyn's first ever dance recital costume, since the official costumes were not ready to be debuted quite yet. She was an adorable little snow bunny...and she loved those dum-dums!

Here she is "helping" carve pumpkins

Here she is the day of Halloween...the shirt reads "I love my mummy, and mummy loves me!" This is one of my favorite smiles.

Also on Halloween Day- Uncle Cliff's 80th birthday! He is an amazing man, a retired minister...I have him to thank for leading both of my parents to Christ, and thus, in many ways, for my own salvation. And here is Kenzie with her grandpa- stealing all of his ice cream.

Mackenzie's official costume was a unicorn...except she wouldn't keep on the horn. Here she is after it all was winding down, raiding her brother's treat bag. Caught red handed, and not a bit of remorse.

All of us at Sea World's Spooktacular

Lady Ashtyn

Sir Mason

Knight, Princess, and little unicorn with the garden crew at Sea World.