Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why my social worker rocks....

...because she suggested we just meet at Barnes and Noble! And why on earth would I argue with that? Stress free-biggest dilemma of the day is now what cute little outfit to put on Z (and getting out the door on time). I feel like I am getting away with something. Do you think she somehow reads my blog? Hmmmm...Now- tell me how I can have my cake and eat it, too. I still want those honey-dos done! And a great excuse for a new area rug in the living room. Quick- someone decide you just cannot get through the spring without coming to visit us in FL.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post Placement?

Again?!? Didn't I just do that? At first, these twice yearly visits were a welcome excuse to get some honey-dos checked off of the list. But at this point, with Shaun deep into building himself an office in the garage, and all of the chaos that goes along with that....I am stressing out. Can we become presentable in 3 weeks? Yes, I realize I make more out of this than the social worker does, but seriously- half of the toys from Christmas still haven't found a permanent place to call home. Trivial, yes, I realize it should be. But with all of the slowdowns...actually it seems to be more of a Kyrgyzstan adoptions right now, I feel like a post-placement report is a chance to show the MOE what a wonderful thing a family can be for these children...and perhaps convince them to go ahead and do whatever it takes to let those little ones make the journey home. I just need to remember that what is important here is that the children who are home are thriving and learning and growing...not that they have a designer bedroom, right?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to school

So, it's a big week here. Back to school for me. I am finally getting back to my teacher certification classes that I began before sweet Baby Z arrived home. I was only planning on half a semester off....oops. Ah, well, I wouldn't trade a moment of it. I am only taking classes one night a week, and daddy should be able to cover that most of the time, so everyone should be happy. I also have a special class scheduled this week...Awana Commander College 101. Looking forward to that.

New Year's goals anyone? Obviously, I am hoping to take a little time to further my own career goals this year. Aside from that- I am really hoping to get organized! Specifically- the office, the garage, and the master bedroom closet. Hmmm....perhaps I am reaching a bit :)

Oh, yes, and for K...the header is in fact from scrapblog. I didnt use a template, I started from scratch...upload backgrounds and stickers...create...publish, export as a jpeg. Email me if you need more help. Love that site!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


So, I was recently able to enjoy one of the perks of my husband doing work in Miami so often. We were able to go to the 75th annual Orange Bowl game...including the pregame party with all the committee members and the awesome food. I had to get over my guilt for leaving the kiddos overnight for the second time in 3 weeks, but I was assured they would have a great time with Nana. Once I was past that, we had a fantastic time with Shaun's business partner and his family. Honestly, we had very little interest in the teams who were actually playing, but the experience was great. Our seats? On the field. In my entire college career, I only actually went to one football game (I started school at UM, then transferred to UNC Wilmington, which doesn't have football). So this was only my second ever college football game. Shaun is going to a big one today- the BCS Championship game...UF vs Oklahoma. Go Gators! :) (Sorry honey, I have to root for the Gators!)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Holidays

I am just sitting here, sorting through pictures from the last 2 weeks or so, trying to catch my breath. Sorry I havent blogged, but we have been so busy! I have 2 sisters, both of whom live in the cold cold north. They were both here with their husbands and children over the holidays. It was wonderful to have everyone together...I truly enjoyed every moment. It was never dull I tell you- there are 8 kids altogether, and Ashtyn (at 6), is the oldest! Since I would never be able to catch up on writing about each of our adventures, here are some pics from the last 2 weeks:

Out to dinner with baby M

Mason's favorite things

All the's a six pack!

Christmas morning
Kenzie taking her babies for a ride...that's a hug she is giving.

Pure excitement on Christmas morning.

Yes,it was warm enough to swim.
The boys.

Rockin good times and Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Hey, having a cousin around to play with isnt so bad...I kinda like you.

Playing dress up

Kenzie...mastering walking up and down a slope...or maybe she was inspecting the bridge.

Mason meeting his newest cousin.

Well, there are like 300 more, but I will spare you those! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas as well!