Monday, March 30, 2009


Have you seen this post? Princess Ellie had her first birthday...and like true royalty, could not forget her dear friends still waiting. For those of you who are not aware...there are currently 65 families who have been matched to children in Kyrgyzstan. Many of them have travelled and met these children and held them in their arms. They love these their hearts, they are their children. Yet they are still awaiting documents from the Kyrgyz government that will confirm that and allow them to bring their precious ones home. These are real mountains that need to be moved- they need a real miracle. My God is that big, He is that powerful. Please, pray for these children and their families. "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" James 5:16

Friday, March 27, 2009


So, Mackenzie had the hearing test. We didn't really learn a lot, actually. She didn't do so well. It showed a moderate hearing loss in both ears. However, the audiologist said that it was most likely due to the fact that she has an ear infection in both ears...again. We went back to her pediatrician in the afternoon, she confirmed it and gave us some meds and a referral to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. She was of the opinion that her results would not be that poor due just to an ear infection...but she was also not highly confidant in the results when I told her that Mackenzie was less than cooperative during the test. So, we go to the ENT on the 14th, and in the meantime I am trying to to over think it. Hopefully we will know more after that.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring is here

A couple of weeks back, it was so cold that it killed off my hibiscus and my bougainvilleas. Last week, I spent 3 days preparing for spring by...raking leaves. Yep, nothing says spring in Florida like getting the dead leaves out of the way for an upcoming egg hunt. This week, it is in the 80s and beautiful! We spent a summer like day in the yard the other day...the kids in their bathing suits, running through sprinklers and bubbles, and eating pruning back the dead plants from the aforementioned freeze. Hopefully this weather is here to stay...I really hate the cold!

Bubble machine + sprinkler = bubbles all over me fun!


The downside to the arrival of spring is the arrival of pollen. The counts are sky high, and all three kids and I are miserable for it. Ashtyn cannot even set foot in the backyard with the oak trees- she breaks out in a rash all over. Mason and I are cursed with itchy eyes and stuffy noses, and poor Kenzie- her breathing is just awful. She is wheezing like crazy. Doesn't let it keep her down, though. Here she is in all of her toddler "I can do it myself!" glory:

We are in the process of having her speech evaluated by Early Steps (Early Intervention in FL). They will test her hearing later this month, and her evaluation with the speech therapist isn't until April. In her initial screening, she scored 60 in fine motor- average at this age is 25....but in verbal she got a 10...average is 35. I will admit I restrained from any and all possible bragging and presented the bleakest picture possible in that area. She really is lagging, and I really want her to qualify for services. She says "Mama", "dada", and "Ba" (ball) right now. In the past I may or may not have heard "baba" (baby), "da" (dog), "Nana", "Papa" "g-pa" (grandpa, with lots of coaxing), and a very throaty sounding one word smooshed together version of Thank you that is kinda like "gonggong". But that is really it, and all but the first three you really hardly ever ever hear. So here is hoping they agree and offer her speech therapy. She is eager to learn signs...she loves being able to communicate what she wants to us. Not surprisingly, most of her signs revolve around mealtime. Eat, Milk, Drink, more, all done....she even made one up herself that I took to mean lollipop. She was signing eat, but she kept sticking out her tongue and licking her fingers as she did it. I held out the treat, and her eyes just lit up like "You got it! Yipee!" So funny.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just pictures

Happy Girl
Little Cowgirl


Mason's fish!

Trying to teach her where it is OK to draw...she is a wall artist normally :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hi! Sorry I have been so all honestly, I have been a little in the blahs. You see, I just left my 20's behind....I have entered a whole new decade. I am 30. Wow, that even looks old. I am sorry- I do realize many of you reading are essentially laughing at me, thinking it looks great. But think back to when you hit that milestone...I know I am not the only one who is taking this hard.

My family did their best to make it great for me. I spent a beautiful day cooking out at the park with Shaun's family. Shaun and I had a date night. I had a yummy b-day lunch with my mom and some great friends. I have to admit, though, that nothing got me out of the blahs like the thing I thought would be the worst about my bday. You see, it fell on Sunday, which meant I had to be at Awana. Now I adore Awana, but having to be there on my birthday felt a little bit like work, or so I thought it would. But they got me. The leaders knew it was my bday, and they tricked me into going into council time to make an announcement to the kids. Then, they surprised me with a cake and cards (some made by the kids) and generous gifts and they all sang to me. I cried. And I felt better about it. Who cares if I am 30 when I have a family who I adore, and a ministry I am privileged to be able to serve in? There are something like 90 kids at our club, and they all spent the rest of the night tugging on my arm, telling me "Happy Birthday Mrs. Jamie!" with such joy in their eyes, offering hugs every time I turned around. It really doesnt get much better than that. What a blessing they are in my life.