Friday, October 9, 2009

Miss Me?

OK, so it has only been like 4 months or so since I have blogged. Sorry- no excuses, no explanations. Here I am though- did you miss me?

So the BEST thing in my life for the last 4 months has been these cuties:

As much as I may have wanted to hit pause on life lately for a chance to get my bearings again, these 3 have been full steam ahead. Makenzie had a birthday, and so did Mason.
Mackenzie's second birthday- July 17

Mason's fifth birthday- September 22nd.

Ashtyn and Mason both had their first day of school- still going really well for both of them.

We spent lots of time at the beach, and at the pool, and hanging out with friends...

Playdate with Scarlett and Alex

Hollywood Beach- our summer home ;)

Butterfly World with Nola

It was a busy summer- sorry I failed to blog it...I will try to do better.