Friday, January 22, 2010

Holiday Pictures

sorry baby girl :)


So your momma has been doing a terrible job blogging for you as of late. Being our third child, I know you are already in danger of missing out on the careful cataloging of your early years. Ashtyn got professional pictures taken every six do get lots of snapshots (you are more likely to smile for those anyway). Ashtyn got a baby book I wrote in religiously- yours has a few post it notes stuck in here and there, and nothing written in its actual pages yet. I always made myself feel better by telling myself at least you had this- a blog that covers all the major events. And maybe someday I would go back and plug it into that baby book :) I have been so busy with YOU (and your siblings) lately, that I have completely dropped the ball on this. Oh well, I am sure that you like tea parties better than momma at a computer screen anyway. But, so that all of these memories don't fade away when we go onto the next stages, let me try and record some of my favorite things here:

I love the way you put on the most ridiculous get ups-dress up skirts with your brothers boots, an apron from the kitchen and a backpack on your back- and parade around like you are the most beautiful little princess in all the world (you ARE, by the way)

I love the way you come flying at us with a huge smile and a heartfelt "YEA!!" after a separation of any length

I love the way you have to kiss every member of the household before you can go to sleep, and you remind me of this by smacking your lips together

Every other statement out of your mouth is "I-wan-tha-one", much to the dismay of your speech therapist. We spend I lot of time on "I. want. the. ball."

You are the toughest little thing I have ever seen- you will run full speed and then fall flat out on the concrete without so much as blinking, but if someone so much as taps your toe or your head, you exclaim "OUCH!" and look indignant

You have the most amazing imagination. You love to play with dolls in the doll house, baby dolls with the stroller, and cook in your kitchen. One of my favorite play sessions? Sitting at your little table, while you waited on me. "You wan coffee?" you would say, and then make little filling sounds as you pretended to pour it into the little mug. Then, before you could get me any food, you had to 'turn on' the water and wash your hands.

You have the worst sweet tooth ever. More than once I have looked for you in the morning because it is just too quiet. ..and found you sitting on the floor of the pantry, door shut behind you, sneaking cookies for breakfast. You really get insulted that I take them away.

You are two and a half now, and you amaze me with everything you are soaking up. You have more and more words everyday, and you are learning to tell us exactly what you want with them. It is a joy to watch you grow pumpkin. I love you, Momma