Monday, February 1, 2010

Therapy, mornings, and pictures

Mackenzie has been in speech just shy of a year now. And she has her speech therapist wrapped around her little finger every bit a tightly as she has the rest of us. They have been trying to discharge her for a couple weeks now. To do this, she has to demonstrate certain skills for two consecutive weeks. So, in order to ensure that her one on one play sessions with her good friend continue I suspect, Mackenzie has taken on this strategy. Therapist arrives- Z runs excitedly to her highchair for their session. Therapist asks what she would like to play with, Z seals her lips and points at the bag of toys she has. Much prompting...."Iwathaone" Use your words please "No! Not tha one! Tha one!" The puzzle? You want the puzzle? Nodding. I.."I" want "wa"...puzzle "puzzle". I swear to you, some weeks the sessions are spent with more giggling at her obvious stunts than succeeding at getting her to speak. Which of course, just ensures that she will repeat it again next week...Then, as soon as the therapist leaves "Cmon! I wa football. Cmon! Sit Down! Here. Book? I wa book. (flips through pages, names some common objects) This way! Cmon this way!...." Nonstop chatter- a narration of her every thought. Ahh, Zima...

Mornings are an amusing study in contrasts around here. Ash is always the first one up. She is my morning glory. Huge brown eyes pop open, smile is instantly on her face, she hops out of bed and promptly begins dressing for school with no hesitation. Then, there's Mason. I call to him- he shuts his eyes tighter and rolls over. I scratch his back and hear a low grumble. I tell him its time to get up and get dressed, he tells me he's cold and pulls the covers up to his chin.... When I finally force him out of bed, it is with half closed eyes, tousled hair, slumped shoulders, and plenty of groaning. And then there is Kenzie. For a girl who is so demanding throughout the day, she is shockingly laid back in the morning. I honestly have no idea when she actually awakes- she doesn't make a sound. Eventually I might hear her quietly talking to herself, or I just finally say I am sure she is up by now. When you walk into her room, she scrambles to her feet and reaches out those arms. The smile is so huge that her eyes are scrunched shut, the hand points out where she wants to go, and the narration begins.
Camping and canoeing at Alexander Springs