Thursday, April 22, 2010

White Horse?

Newsweek posted an article on their website this week that I hope you will take a minute to read. It brings national attention to the plight of the 65 waiting children and their families who are in limbo right now- and have been for about 2 years. Reading on John Wright's blog the other day, I was haunted by the story he told of holding an abandoned newborn at a hospital in Kyrgyzstan. Where do these children fall on the priority list of a struggling country? Where is their white horse? I continue to pray for peace in Kyrgyzstan, I pray for an improved government after the restructuring that will improve the lives of all who live there....but most of all, I pray for these precious children. They need someone to speak out for them, they need someone to care for them, they need someone to love them the way only a family really could.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Heartache in Kyrgyzstan

I have been scouring the Internet for the last two hours looking for information about the events in Kyrgyzstan in the last few days. Reports state that 40 people are dead and 400 wounded in an uprising in Bishkek. (I think it actually began in Talas, and they are seeing riots in Tokmok and other places as well). I barely follow the politics in my own country, so my understanding of the details in Kyrgyzstan is limited. I am gathering that the people have grown tired of a government that is increasingly authoritarian- a president that came to power just 5 years ago calling for change himself but who has been appointing his own family members into key positions of power and moving further and further away from democracy. Add to that the insult of some key opposition leaders being taken into custody and a 200% fuel hike in a country that is already impoverished (remember the rolling blackouts this winter?) and you get some pretty angry opposition. Shots are being fired, bombs going off, cars overturned....they are demanding the resignation of the President and his officials. From what I understand, he has fled the capital and the opposition has put into place a temporary government. I am not really sure how I feel about all of this. I have been hearing of corruption in the government for some time now, but I hate to see the violence and bloodshed that making a change has come to. On the (hopefully) positive side of things- they have put into place a new minister of health who has given a sympathetic ear to the waiting families and seems to want to work for progress in lifting the moratorium on adoptions. So I pray that will lead to some positive change. Mostly my heart just breaks for the people there. Such desperation, so many needs. I see images of places I have walked- car bombs going off near gates I have taken pictures by. Fire and smoke coming from buildings, blood and bodies on the ground. It is heartbreaking. See for yourself (I have omitted many that were much more graphic). Please pray for these people!