Monday, July 26, 2010

She's Three!!

Hard to believe my baby is turning into a big girl. She celebrated her third birthday recently. It is amazing how much she has grown and changed. Mackenzie has a strong personality all her own. She always has a plan, and she is forever instructing those around her accordingly. "Cmere! Follow me! Sit down! Stay here! Play wit me?" All part of her constant chatter. She has a vivid imagination and loves to play pretend games. She loves playing with her sister's toys- Barbies, Polly Pockets, Ponies... the play kitchen is also another hit. But don't think she is a girly girl- not at all. She adores making Mason's dinosaurs attack his cars, too. I hate to admit it but she has an unhealthy attachment to watching movies on our iPhone. She can operate it perfectly- pulling up exactly what she wants, even skipping to and repeating her favorite parts of movies. This has lead to an obsession with Toy Story. Buzz, Woody, and Jessie are all favs. We took her to see Toy Story 3 on her birthday, which she loved. Afterwards we had some family over for dinner and cake, where she received her very own Woody and Jessie dolls that now travel with us everywhere.

This summer Mackenzie has been enjoying time in the pool as well. She is somehow much more hesitant than she was last summer. She wears her vest and has to be holding onto someone where last year she would take off independently with it on. I regret not getting her in swim lessons this year. I will be so relieved when she finally learns.

We have a new addition to the family as well. His name is Tyler, and he weighs only 4 lbs! He is a Pomeranian that a family near my MIL was giving away. Ty is not your typical jumpy barking little dog. He is calm and quiet and adores being held. Which is a good thing, because between Ashtyn, Mason, and Mackenzie, his paws hardly ever hit the ground. Our biggest worry there is that Z will break him though- she is STRONG and very rough and tumble when she's playing. She does seem to be catching onto being gentle with him (I hope).

We have been living in a feeling of limbo all summer, which has been a bit frustrating. We found a new house and have been trying to close the deal, but it just doesnt seem to be happening. I guess banks don't like self-employment! :) Other than being half packed and not knowing what school the kids are going to go to this fall, it is no big deal really. Yes, the new house is really nice and we were all excited about it, but if God wants us to stay here then that is where we want to be. It is still up in the air- could still happen I suppose. Just as long as we get it figured out before school- Mason starts kindergarten this year,and Mackenzie qualified for speech for 30 min two days a week. Hopefully answers will be coming soon.

Next week Z goes back in for a second set of tubes in her ears, so please keep that in your prayers if you will.