Saturday, January 29, 2011

Testing Tuesday

Wow- two posts in a month!!

Just an update here- Z is scheduled for an upper and lower endoscopy on Tuesday morning. I am really hoping to have some answers shortly after that. The prep isn't gonna be pleasant....liquid diet for 2 days, and lots of 'clean out' ahead of time. Thank goodness for Grandma's coming over!

So since I have been spending so much time in the health food store...and looking at specialized cookbooks- I got inspired. I decided to go on a 'clear skin diet' myself. I'll just admit now- I am really bad at healthy eating!!! Hate it, really really hate it. A lot of the diet changes my research has shown I should avoid are similar to Z's restrictions anyway, so I figure if at least she sees me eating this stuff maybe she wont think I am trying to poison her. So we are both dairy free now, I am attempting to go off refined sugars and eat more veggies. Also added some supplements and yes,probiotics (awesome stuff btw!)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

dairy free sugar free?

Obviously I haven't been blogging for quite some time. This might be the start of a renewed interest- or it might not be. I dunno. Kenzie has just been having some health issues, and I am a bit lost dealing with it. So, maybe I might get some useful advice out of this. At the very least, I'll get to vent!

Without going into too much detail, she is having digestive issues. Its nasty, trust me. Thankfully not too serious, in that she is growing and happy go lucky most of the time. She is beginning to show signs of discomfort, which is resulting in a more determined course of action on my part. The pediatrician discovered she has a milk allergy, so we cut that a few months back. When that didn't fix her issues, and she seemed to actually be getting worse, we went to a GI doc. So far we have learned that her body is not able to process sugars. Forgive me because I am still trying to understand this, but from what I understand, when sugars go in for her, her intestinal tract is unable to absorb them, and so they continue right on through, along with any other contents. I think I understand more about what she doesn't have then what she is not lactose intolerance, its not celiacs disease (thus far), it is not Crohns, IBD or ulcerative colitis. I have a feeling more testing is to come. So far they have run a blood test to determine the milk allergy and taken..ummm...samples to determine that her output contains high levels of sugar...

Last night she woke us up wailing- squirming in discomfort. This morning required a complete stripping of the bed and a really good bath for her. Honestly, we are pretty sure she has had these conditions to some degree her entire life. I am not entirely sure why suddenly she is so miserable and she never has been before. We entered the alternate universe of Whole Foods today...isles and isles of organic, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, free range.....supplements and substitutions and a whole lot of label reading for me. My little miss is really no help in this process as she previously had like 5 foods she would eat and is one of the pickiest eaters I know. She hates trying new things. Doesn't help either that I have a mean sweet tooth, I love my cheese, and I know success is going to mean support from the whole family. So in addition to the journey to the health food store, I just ordered like 4 cookbooks off amazon for various restricted diets. I need to learn to enjoy cooking ( I really don't like it!) and resist convenience foods. This is NOT going to be easy...but I cant stand to see her in pain, I am soooo over diapers and she so cant help needing them right now, and I am worried her condition will begin to get worse if we dont get it under control now. It will be good for all of us, right?