Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Medical stuff- TMI I am sure

Lets see...medical update

First- test results- some irritation in her duodenum. Possible Celiacs- sent out a genetic blood test. Which came back negative- no Celiacs. Continue diet and antacid meds...check back...

Second- decided to seek a second opinion. Went to head GI at Arnold Palmer Hospital. He look at all her tests and results, deemed it toddler diarrhea, and said not to worry. She is growing, she is healthy, she is not uncomfortable....he said even the milk allergy was too insignificant on the blood test to even consider it an allergy. Feed her cheese he said. Bulk up on fiber. And stop worrying.

Third- the blood. After some online research that backed him up, decided to take the chance and follow doctor #2s advice. Couple days later her babysitter thought she saw blood in her stools. I looked, thought it might just be something she ate...called the first doc and promised to keep an eye out. For two weeks, nothing. Seemed to be seeing improvement. And then- again- blood. Seemed to me that it couldn't be anything else, and I have seen it many times since. So went back to first doc, fessed up about seeing another man, and was told to collect more samples. And that is where we are now... could be the reintroduction of dairy (seems most likely)? Could be something else....frustrating!