Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Horizons

This is Artom:

Artom is 11 and lives in an orphanage in the Ukraine. According to his bio he likes running, playing tag, and soccer. He loves dogs. He would like to learn how to play volleyball and wishes for his own soccer jersey.

Artom is going to come stay with us for a few weeks this summer. It is through an organization called New Horizons for Children. I first heard about it through a fellow blogger. At first, we just felt called to donate to scholarship funds, but then I registered for the photolisting and I saw their faces. Thankfully I have a supportive husband, because after that it was all over ;) We are in the final application process right now. Not quite as extensive as an adoption, but still pretty thorough. I am getting so excited to show him his room, and take him to church with us, and take him to the ocean! I don't think he has ever seen the ocean- can you imagine seeing that for the first time at the age of 11? Mostly I am so excited for him to have the chance to experience a family.

What then you ask?...of course you do. So do I. Right now we are only feeling called to host Artom. Maybe he will find his forever family while he is here with us. Maybe we will feel lead to do more for him. At the very least I can assure you that from here on out he will have people in the world who think about him, pray for him, and will be there for him. Please pray for him, and for us if you will. In all honestly the thought of another international adoption is daunting...the expense, the time... But as always I remain open to Gods will. Perhaps soon we will know his plan for Artom. Just thankful we can have this small part in it.