Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day One: Fun at home

So after a looooong day of travel for Artem, we figured it was a good idea to keep day one low key. We have worked out an interesting method of gesturing and turning to google translate when we need it, but we seem to be communicating fairly well. He is very polite and respectful, but also pretty open and friendly. I was worried about feeding him but he seems to be doing ok. He had Kielbasa, a hard boiled egg, and crusty bread for breakfast. Lunch was a bologna sandwich. He eat every bit of his chicken and rice at dinner. I'm not sure if he actually likes it or if he is just polite. As soon as breakfast was over he went straight to his room to make up his bed, and then helped Mason with his. So far he hasn't let me do a single thing without at least offering his assistance. We spent our morning playing in the water. He wasn't sure what the water cannons were at first but once I demonstrated he didn't waste any time starting a water war with the kids. He got me in on the action as well ;) In the afternoon a good friend of mine brought a bike over for him to use while he is here, along with her 6 kiddos. The crowd didn't seem to phase him at all. The bike has been a big hit- he spent a lot of time riding that. I was pleased that he was obedient as far as wearing a helmet and staying within boundaries- I dont think we will have any trouble taking him places at all. There was an after dinner boat ride and a little wakeboarding action. Artem has shown me up and gotten up on that thing already! Shaun says he seems right at home in the water. So, it has been a very busy day of getting to know each other but I think we are going to have an awesome visit!


Rachael said...

Oh, I'm so glad to have found your blog! Yes, Artem and Sergiy are from the same orphanage! Sergiy loves seeing pics of his friends when I show him. He is sleeping now, and I was just checking email before bed, but I can't wait to show him tomorrow. I'm glad you are having a good time with Artem so far! Looks like they both got the same buzz cut too!