Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week Two

I was really hoping to manage a blog post more than once a week- pitiful ;) Let me see if I can hit the highlights

*Roller Skating- So Artem takes a little time to warm up to a new idea, so when we first got to the rink he was very hesitant. He did take one painful spill but it didn't take him too long to get back on the floor and he was doing great in no time. He has asked to go every day since then. And informed me with great sadness that he doesn't roller skate in Ukraine. We will have to go at least one more time...

*Sea World- His amazement when he saw the whales was AWESOME. Incidentally, there is a little video segment at the beginning of that show that shows a small child in silhouette holding hands with her parents that had me almost in tears... He rode everything they have. We learned he likes roller coasters which makes me very happy as I haven't had an excuse to ride them in several years. The second day we went he got to touch a stingray and a dolphin which was pretty cool. Oh, and his heelys have arrived so he has been zooming everywhere- and he crashed right into another New Horizons Ukrainian host kid! Actually I am not sure he actually crashed, but he did help the little guy pick up his water bottle which somehow dropped, and a little bit later we saw each other again and the boys started talking in Russian to each other so we figured it out. They were in FL from Maryland- so unlikely that we would meet like that!

*Aquatica- Another huge hit. He tells me that they have water slides in Ukraine, but the lazy river was new to him. He was up for anything (although we arrived at the park during an afternoon thunderstorm which had him looking at me like I was crazy and asking to go "Dom")

*New Horizons welcome party- a day of boating fun at our house (have I mentioned lately how thankful I am for this house?) It was wild- swimming- volleyball-tubing-jet skis-sandcastles-food- food- food-kids jabbering in Russian everywhere. Artem got the slightest bit puffed up with pride that it was at 'his' house, which was kind of adorable. As far as I can gather, none of the other Cenral Florida kids are from his orphange, but they made freinds pretty quick.

*Science center- He is so curious, and such a bright kid. He doesn't miss anything and he catches on so fast. The Science Center is all very hands on so this was great. Also neat was watching him interact with the other kids at exhibits. He was polite and generous, quick to pass a turn or offer a hand despite the language barrier. Fantastic.

Tomorow's big plan is Disney, so I had better get some sleep. Pictures later I promise


Rachael said...

I want to come visit you now! Can you host us? lol.

Jackie said...

So awesome, Jamie! I love hearing how well things are going. Continue enjoying. xx