Monday, August 8, 2011

The rest of the visit

Wow, we got way too busy for blogging. Forgive me, i wanted to savor every moment!

I would say the highlight was a long weekend in a beach side resort (I love spg points!!) We headed over to Sand Key and spent 3 nights and 4 days. It was awesome. Ironically most of the kids preferred the pool to the big blue ocean- but we got plenty of both! Grandma and Grandpa went with to help with the kiddos (since Shaun couldn't stay the entire time-boo). Artem got even tanner (if that is possible) and even met a cute little girl from Moscow at the pool one day. Strangely- we seemed to find Russian speakers everywhere we went while he was here- I don't think he has a clue how rare that actually is in the States. They had kids activities at the pool in the afternoon, and he got second on a swimming race- against some much bigger kids too.

We went to Rock Springs with our cousins- water is always a hit with Artem. He did reach a point of being tired of little kids, so my 14 year old nephew Zac and his friend let A hang with them for a bit- which totally made his day. These springs are especially cool because you can take a tube up to the boil, and ride the current downstream.

I pawned off my little ones, and took the two oldest to Disney again. I was really hesitant to do it after the first failed attempt but I am so glad we went! It was fantastic- he had so much fun. We went to Magic Kingdom and he conquered all the mountains- but I think his favorite was the race cars. We closed the place down, staying through the electric parade and the fireworks. I hope he took home some good memories.

Let me add some pics and I will cover the goodbyes in a separate post...